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It is important to properly plan, delegate, monitor and manage all the client´s project aspects to be able to carry it out. Therefore, stakeholders are motivated to commit themselves to this and realise the project objectives within the set deadlines. Herein, the expertise of Hyproma in which the projects is supervised and implemented is essential:


The pre-sales include the process before the order is executed. Because of this, Hyproma tries to convert the customer's needs into their requirements as well as possible. Accurate and adequate action are part of it, besides engineering in some cases.


Engineering compromises the (co) development, design and drawing of hydraulically driven power packs, systems, machines or tools. With 2D and 3D drawing software and years of experience in hydraulic engineering, we can be of service to the customer. 


The production of hydraulic power packs, systems, machines or tools which takes place in our workshop in Nieuw-Lekkerland. The various parts and components are assembled and adjusted into a product during the production process. Herein, the product is tested and provided with the necessary classifications, certificates and/or approvovals if applicable. 


Hyproma commissions the hydraulic product after being produced which gives you the certainty of the operation whereby we go home with confidence. During this process you can see how the product works.


Aftersales includes the aftercare of the entire order. The provision of accompanying documentation is an important aspect in this regard. In addition, rectifying any malfuncations, carrying out repairs and providing additional aftercare if necessary. The latter can also be service-oriented activities on non-hyproma products. 

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The production of hydraulic aggregates, also known as power packs or hydraulic power units (HPU), is an expertise of Hyproma. Power packs with a capacity of up to 1000 kW, a flow up to 2000 L / min ...


In addition to executing projects, the application and distribution of components is an important aspect within the core business of Hyproma. These components consist of various hydraulic and mechanical components.