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The Ndeavor

The Ndeavor is a special project carried out by Hyproma. This HPU is produced in a 10ft container, through which it can be easily placed in various areas. This HPU is equipped with two 75kW motors, a maximum flow of two times 170 L / min and tested with a maximum pressure of 210 bar with open circuit and 300 bar with closed circuit. This HPU operates the crane and its winch on the Ndeavor and puts a robot at the bottom of the sea. This robot is, after that, used for the wind farms at sea.


The production of hydraulic aggregates, also known as power packs or hydraulic power units (HPU), is an expertise of Hyproma. Power packs with a capacity of up to 1000 kW, a flow up to 2000 L / min ...


In addition to executing projects, the application and distribution of components is an important aspect within the core business of Hyproma. These components consist of various hydraulic and mechanical components.