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Who we are

Hyproma is specialised in the execution of hydraulic projects from design to commissioning and the delivery of hydraulic and mechanical components. Arie Stam, as director, is in charge and carries out these activities with an enthusiastic team! Moreover, Arie has more than 25 years of experience in hydraulics.

Besides, Hyproma can provide the customer with special requirements such as; acceptance by classification societies, required certificates and obtaining approved products! We are also able to effortlessly send large projects with high demands through the organisation regarding our structured approach. Since the introduction of our quality management system, we continue to build on the further professionalisation of Hyproma. 

On top of that, Hyproma can offer you a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical components through our exclusive dealerships. Therefore, Hyproma's core business lies in the execution of projects on the one hand, and in the application and distribution of components on the other hand.

Through our expertises you can come to us for various matters related to hydraulic projects and components. Therefore, Hyproma always aims to provide the best possible service to meet the customer's requirements. 


Hyproma was founded in 2008 by Arie Stam and located in Nieuw-Lekkerland. Arie wanted to start his own business after gaining experience in the hydraulic sector. On of the first steps which had to be taken was the development of the company name. The name Hyproma means Hydraulics and Project Management. In other words, Hyproma is broad in offering hydraulic solutions, in which components are used, and , complete project unburdening. In addition, Hyproma provides spline shafts, bushes and adapter besides hydraulic and mechanical components. For the latter, Splineshop is established. Since Hyproma's foundation, its has grown into a well-known and recognised organisation in the Rotterdam-Gorinchem area. Despite continuous growth that Hyproma is experiencing, standardisation and flexibility are well-balanced, which is Hyproma's greatest strenght! 

Vision, mission and goals



The production of hydraulic aggregates, also known as power packs or hydraulic power units (HPU), is an expertise of Hyproma. Power packs with a capacity of up to 1000 kW, a flow up to 2000 L / min ...


In addition to executing projects, the application and distribution of components is an important aspect within the core business of Hyproma. These components consist of various hydraulic and mechanical components.