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The Netherlands
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Sunday: closed
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Closed on

Hyproma is closed from Friday evening to Saturday night (shabbat) and during the shabbatten (rest days) of the Biblical festivals. Below 2019 the dates of the Biblical festivals with their meaning and which days of these festivals are shabbat (rest day).

- Pesach / Sederavond: Friday 19 April 2019
The day that Jesus was crucified and thus paid for the sins of everyone in Him. On the evening preceding this day (seder evening) a special meal is celebrated.

- Chag Ha'Matzot / Feast Unleavened Bread: Saturday 20 April to Friday 26 April 2019
The first and last day of the 7-day festival is celebrated as a rest day. We think about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus during this feast. It is also 7 days of cleaning our house and life. We must remove all yeast (sins and wrong things) from our house and life. We eat unleavened bread for 7 days. Unleavened bread symbolizes life that belongs freely to pride, bloatedness, etc.
Closed on: Saturday April 20 and Friday April 26, 2019

- Shawoe'ot / Pentecost (also called Weeks Festival): Sunday 09 June 2019. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place. Christians can live in constant connection with God and God wants to live in their hearts.
Closed on: Sunday June 09, 2019.

- Yom Teroeah / Trump festival: Monday 30 September 2019. Announcement of the return of Jesus. A call to be alert. It is celebrated as a rest day.
Closed on: Monday September 30, 2019

- Yom Kippur / Great Day of Atonement: Wednesday October 09, 2019. Central is the reconciliation of God with the people and with His people Israel. It is a day of fasting (not eating / not drinking)
Closed on: Wednesday October 09, 2019

- Sukkot / Feast of Tabernacles: Monday 14 till Sunday 20 October 2019. It is a seven-day celebration where the first day is a rest day. The feast looks forward to the Kingdom of Jesus where all the earth will be restored and everyone will recognize Him as King of the earth.
Closed on: Monday October 14, 2019

- Sjeminie Chag Ha'atseret / Slotfeest also called 8th day: Mon 21 October 2019. This is the day after the Feast of Tabernacles, in which the perfection is looked ahead. When all pain and death will be destroyed and God will be "everything and in all." Heaven and earth will be new.

Closed on: Monday October 21, 2019